More Speakers Tips

New to Speaking?

If you're totally new to this - don't worry - we want to be super supportive. Here's a starting point and if you'd like to talk it through with the team, sendus an e-mail and we help out.

The below format can be used as your guide:

(to be used as a guideline and not a script)


Hey everybody/guys/there. I am ___(name)______.

Thank you for joining me today.


Today I’ll be covering  _________________.

So, let’s get started!


Highlight the major points/steps you'd like to make


Highlight the major points/steps of your talk


Alright, this was _______________________ .

If you want to continue learning about__________/ learn more about ____________ you can visit.

(a landing page on your site with a more information, course, freebie- this is optional or you can simply direct them to your site).

Thanks again for joining me today!



Just like a Ted talk! Aimed to keep everyone engaged and give you a chance to share your quality content.

  • 30 mins max.
  • Don't use filler content - stop when you've shared your wisdom
  • Enjoy yourself