About the Event

The LESLLA Summit is a virtual event delivering practical, engaging, and inspirational talks on a range of topics of interest to the LESLLA community. We aim to bring together the LESLLA community by sharing learning, inspiration and ideas, and make connections in a sustainable and carbon neutral way.

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7 speaker steps

Choose a title

This years summit theme is 'Linguistics, Language Acquisition and Literacy'. This is the guiding principle of the summit. If you create a series of workshops. Then choose a seperate title for each workshop. The series will then be placed in sequence.


What skills does the LESLLA teacher need? What tools can language school leaders use to better serve LESLLA students?


6 categories. To broaden and deepen knowledge in all areas within the LESLLA field.

Choose a categorie

Indicate within which categorie your talk fits best. There can be several.

At the moment there are 6 categories* from which a participant can choose.

Categorie 1: Futurology: Discovering the Megatrends

Categorie 2: Context of Multilingual

Categorie 3: Reimagine language competence! What should be thought?

Categorie 4: Leslla research

Categorie 5: Autonomous Learning

Categorie 6: Blended Learning 2020

*The categories are just examples and will change.


You will have access to your own speaker dashboard. This allows you to present your talk to the viewers.

NOTE: an empty dashboard is not interesting.

Fill out the speaker form

You can find the online form below. With this form you provide us with all relevant information to create your speakers dashboard.

Edit your speakers dashboard

Follow the steps below to ensure you and your audience have a smooth experience. You can adjust all information in your speaker dashboard.

STEP 1: View the speakers email you received.

STEP 2: Log in as a speaker and add your talk details

STEP 3: Add your speaker details.

STEP 4: Complete the form.


Voeg uw sprekersgegevens toe.

Hier komt straks een video waarin we uitleggen hoe u het beste uw gegevens kunt toevoegen aan uw sprekers-dashboard.

EXTRA: If it doesn't work or you don't have time. No problem. You can also simply send your details to us and our team will put everything online for you. Contact us and let us know.

IMPORTANT TIP: View your speaker dashboard. This is your environment and you can find or adjust everything here.

Record your talk / workshop

We organize a virtual conference, so that the public worldwide has the opportunity to share knowledge!

All you have to do is record your talk, send it to our team by internet. We will prepare the lecture / workshop for your audience. As a speaker you can choose from 3 formats

If you have chosen, record your lecture / workshop. You can do this by Zoom or your favorite recording software, at a time that suits you. If you do not have software we can assist you. please let us know!

Send your recording

If you choose the recording, please send the recording befor the DEADLINE to us so we can prepare it for you.

STEP 1: Save your recording and give it your full name (If you are using Zoom - read the [Owner's Manual (english)]).

STEP 2: Go to WeTransfer.com.

STEP 3: Add your file.

STEP 4: Send the email to the team before the DEADLINE. The deadline is 01-03-2021.


P.S. Feel free to add a message to make our team smile 😊

STAP 5: Grab a cup ☕️ and enjoy the fact that your work is done.

If the full Speakers Briefing is shared online, you will be able to download it in PDF.

STEP 2: Add your talk details.

📜 Scroll down to My Talks

✂️ Select 'Edit Details'

STEP 3: Add your speaker details.

📜 Scroll to the very bottom and select 'Edit My Speaker Details'

STAP 4: Complete the form.

Fill out as many field as possible!