Type of Talk

We have such an incredibly diverse community, each with different skills, knowledge and wisdom to share. That is why we have briefly described different types of conversations, so that you can choose what suits you best.

Workshop (How-To)

A how-to talk focuses on teaching a specific skill. It will be practical for your audience with clear, step by step actions. Teach fellow Digital Nomads the skills you wished you'd had at the start of your journey.


Instruct fellow digital travelers during their LESLLA search. What knowledge do you share?


Present your knowledge and give viewers a look behind the scenes.


A presentation is a structured talk and is a chance to show a new idea, product or project and show it and explain it to your audience.

Reflection Story

A reflection story is your space to tell your story, share your wisdom, take your audience on the journey with you.


Share experiences with others about everything related to the LESLLA space.


Think of a panel discussion. Talk with other guests about a central theme.

Discussion and AMA

A discussion and AMA (ask me anything) is perfect if you're going to create your video with someone else. You may decided to debate and discuss something or let the other person fire questions (those you regularly recieve) at you, so that you can answer them for your audience.

Whichever talk format you choose, we know you'll want to inform, entertain and motivate.